Cookie box with Arabic writing causes panic after being left at Pennsylvania gas station
A bomb squad member safely detonates a device (Shutterstock).

After this weekend's dumpster bombing in Manhattan, it seems many people across the country are a bit more on edge than usual.

If you want an example, take the gas station in Pennsylvania that had a bomb scare on Monday that turned out to be over a box of cookies that featured Arabic writing.

The Pocono Record reports that someone left a cookie box with Arabic writing on the outside at a gas pump at the Gulf filling station in Marshalls Creek, Penn. After a customer noticed the box, they immediately called the police, who came out to investigate the box as a potential explosive device.

Police immediately had employees evacuate the gas station, and a hazardous Devices and Explosives Unit van was brought on the scene, along with at least three state police cars.

It turned out, however, that the potential bomb really was just a box of cookies. The Gulf station opened up shortly after officers determined that the box of treats was not a threat to human life.