A Green Party rally planned at Capital University in Bexley, Ohio ran into a major problem on Friday after its presidential nominee accidentally flew to the wrong city.

Columbus Dispatch reporter Randy Ludlow has posted a photo on Twitter that shows Green Party supporters standing around an empty podium at Capital University after Green Party nominee Jill Stein accidentally boarded a flight to Cincinnati instead of to Columbus.

In his official report on Stein's mistaken flight, Ludlow writes that "about 100 people are waiting at Schaaf Lawn on campus" for Stein, although he notes that "it's unclear if they will all hang around while Stein drives up from Cincinnati."

There's good news, however, as he says that "pizzas are being ordered to thank people for their patience."

Bexley is roughly a two-hour drive from Cincinnati, so it might be a while before the crowd finally gets to hear Stein speak. Ludlow says there has been no official explanation yet for why Stein got on the wrong flight.