Lawyer behind Houston shooting rampage was dressed up as a WWII-era Nazi: police
A man with a gun (Shutterstock)

A shooter who wounded nine people in Houston on Monday morning was wearing Nazi paraphernalia, the Houston Police Department said.

Click2Houston reports that two law enforcement sources have confirmed that police found the shooter wearing a swastika-covered, World War II-style German uniform after they fatally shot him on Monday.

Houston police had previously confirmed that the shooting suspect was a Houston-based lawyer who was having financial troubles with his law firm. Police also said they found several weapons in the shooter's car, as well as additional Nazi paraphernalia in his apartment.

Houston Police have not yet said whether they consider this shooting to be an act of terrorism, although they have not ruled it out either.

Although police haven't formally identified the shooter, Click2Houston has learned that the shooter's vehicle belonged to a 46-year-old attorney named Nathan Desai.