'Liberal Redneck' rips hypocrisy of 'disrespectful motherf*ckers' villifying Kaepernick
Trae Crowder discusses Colin Kaepernick's protest efforts in a video released on Sept. 1, 2016. (New York Daily News)

New York Daily News video commentator and "Liberal Redneck" Trae Crowder was aghast that the people seemingly complaining about the state of the country every day are suddenly up in arms over Colin Kaepernick's protests against police brutality.

"That is a hell of a thing for y'all to say to him," Crowder said in his latest release. "I cannot think of a more openly disrespectful group of motherf*ckers in this country than y'all. Here's a list of things that you routinely and emphatically refuse to respect: the rights and safety of people of other races; the feelings of gay or transgendered children; the belief in any 'sky man' other than your own; any culture that cannot be adequately summarized by a beer commercial; the appetites of your fellow diners at the Shoney's breakfast buffet; the office of the f*cking presidency. I'm not trying to hear anybody who's ever called Barack Obama the 'N-word' talk about respect."

Conservatives have come after Kaepernick for sitting or kneeling during the playing of the national anthem during San Francisco 49ers games, which he has explained is a response to ongoing police brutality. Crowder himself said he disagreed with the way the quarterback has addressed the issue, while agreeing with his overall stance on it.

However, he was upset that even football had become politicized, calling it "a time when all of us can get together and cast aside race and religion and orientation and creed and all that and unite as one people and recognize that honestly, there's only one thing really wrong with this country: Alabama fans."

Watch Crowder's commentary, as posted online, below.