Michael Moore: Trump's birtherism 'ignited the fire of hate we have to put out'
Filmmaker Michael Moore appears on 'The Last Word' on May 11, 2016. (DailyMotion)

Filmmaker Michael Moore expressed alarm on Friday regarding how close Donald Trump is to a potential presidential victory, Mediaite reported.

"This is the man now tied or leading in the polls," Moore posted on Twitter, linking to a 2013 tweet from the GOP presidential nominee suggesting that President Barack Obama had someone killed over his birth certificate:

Moore also spread a similar sentiment from comedian Patton Oswalt, and noted Trump's public involvement in the "Central Park Five" case, in which five young black men were wrongfully convicted for raping a white woman in New York City.

According to Moore, "nothing short of a 50-state sweep" by Democrat Hillary Clinton this November would "make up" for Trump's anti-minority rhetoric.