Michelle Obama makes fragile white conservatives lose their minds — just by saying ‘slavery'
Michelle Obama (ABC News)

Michelle Obama once again threatened white fragility by mentioning slavery during an interview at the new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

President Barack Obama and his wife visited the museum ahead of its opening this weekend and gave an interview there with ABC News' Robin Roberts, who asked the First Lady about her remarks at the Democratic National Convention about slaves helping to build the White House.

She reflected on the gains black Americans have made since the civil rights era, when she and her husband were small children, and said she was amazed to have witnessed so much of that history.

"One of the many things that struck me was that so much of what has happened, and is represented in this museum, has happened in our lifetime," Obama said. "When you think about the fact that my great-great-grandfather was a slave, and today I live in the White House, that progress is huge and it's fast."

That progress has maybe been a little too huge and too fast for some Americans, who were unable to tolerate the racial stress that Obama triggered by mentioning slavery and racism.

They lodged their complaints on Twitter, where ABC News posted a video excerpt highlighting the First Lady's remarks -- and accused her and her husband of being the real racists for daring to mention race.