Post Office sued over perv postman who groped women and broke into homes while making his rounds
Postman Robert J. Taitano, who has been accused of harassing multiple women (Photo via KING 5).

A woman in Tacoma, Wash. is suing the United States Postal Service after it allegedly ignored years' worth of complaints from women in the area about a perverted postman.

Local news station KING 5 reports that Meosha Turner first complained to police about letter carrier Robert J. Taitano after she came out of the bathroom and found that he had entered her house without permission back in 2014. When questioned by Turner why he was standing in her house, he didn't have an explanation.

When she contacted police about Taitano's behavior, a detective discovered that there were "complaint files dating back to 2002 in which a salon owner, a store clerk and two apartment managers accused Taitano of harassing and touching them."

She then decided to sue the USPS for keeping Taitano employed despite multiple complaints lodged against him. Although the USPS tried to fire Taitano back in 2004, a Dispute Resolution Team gave him his job back, and he worked there until 2015, when he was sent to prison after being found guilty of "assault with sexual motivation and criminal trespass for entering Turner’s house," KING 5 notes.

"“I’ve received no response from them," Turner said of the post office after lodging her own complaint against Taitano. "No apology. Not anything."

Check out a video report on Turner's lawsuit below.