Rand Paul thought Obama should have fixed racism by now, but somehow it’s worse than ever
Sen. Rand Paul (screenshot)

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) expressed disappointment that President Barack Obama had not yet ended racism.

The Republican senator and former presidential candidate appeared Wednesday on the West Virginia talk radio program hosted by Tom Roten, where the two conservatives discussed the protests that broke out over the fatal police shootings of black men in North Carolina and Oklahoma, reported Right Wing Watch.

Roten lamented that race relations seemed to have gotten "worse since we’ve twice elected a black U.S. president," and Paul agreed.

“You know, I think we try to make everything about race and so we wind up with a lot of racial tension because of that,” Paul said.

The libertarian conservative said police had to "do a better job at figuring out when they use deadly force," saying that black Americans were far more likely than whites to be "on the receiving end of violence."

But he agreed with Roten -- and struck a tone similar to Kathy Miller, who resigned from her post as Donald Trump campaign chair for an Ohio county after blaming Obama for racism.

“It certainly hasn’t gotten better,” Paul said. “You would think we would have gotten beyond race, in a way, and in many ways it seems to have gotten worse.”