Self-pitying rape suspect tells victim to ‘focus on the positive’ after she angrily confronts him
Woman crying sitting on the floor (Shutterstock)

An accused rapist told his victim to look on the bright side of things after she angrily confronted him on the popular mobile messaging app WhatsApp.

The Telegraph reports that 24-year-old Ryan Falconer, a married father, is on trial for raping an unidentified 21-year-old victim at her parents' home in the city of Bradford, U.K.

Evidence revealed in court this week showed that the victim used her phone to Google "I think I have just been raped" and "Was it rape" on her phone shortly after the alleged sexual assault took place this past May. She then got into an angry exchange with Falconer on WhatsApp where she accused him of forcing sex on her when she clearly told him "no."

"U don’t understand how upset I am," she wrote him in one message.

"Me too :/ I’m sorry, don’t want our friendship ruined," Falconer replied.

She then lashed out at him and said, "I told you I didn’t/couldn’t do it and you did it anyway."

Falconer then replied, "I’m sorry ;( I feel bad" and advised her to "focus on the good you’ve got." Falconer also told her that " I wanted you to say no one more time then it would have stopped."

This left the victim apoplectic, and she wrote back to him, "Focus on the good? It’s like I’ve just been raped Ryan."

The entire exchange between the alleged rapist and his victim follows below.

Complainant: U don't understand how upset I am.

Falconer: Me too :/ I'm sorry, don't want our friendship ruined.

C: I told you I didn't/couldn't do it and you did it anyway.

F: I'm sorry;( I Feel bad

C: Do you know what I did when I went to the toilet? I actually cried.

F: I'm sorry, you don't know how much I wish it didn't happen :'(

C: I said no

F: I'm sorry! I wanted you to say no one more time then it would have stopped. I've f%%ked up! I've f%%ked up my home life, f%%ked up my friendship with you and now I'm walking round pissed too god nos where. Right now I really wish was dead :(

C: I said no countless times Ryan. You have no idea.

F: I'm sorry, can't say it enough, I don't deserve your friendship. I'm sorry f%%ked up.

C: I can't cope Ryan really can't

This is just about to push me over the edge.

F: Me neither :/ please don't. Come tomorrow focus on the good you've got. If you need me outa your life completely I understand :'(

C: Focus of the good? It's like I've just been raped Ryan.

F: Raped at 20? Yeah everythings f%%king good.

Sorry :(

I'm sat outside some place in f%%king tears, I've never wanted too die so much in my life. I've fucked up.

What do you want me to say?

C: I'm sat here crying my f%%king eyes out.

F: Me too :/ don't know what else too say.

C: At this moment I have no sympathy, I feel like going to the police.

F: Police

I'm so sorry, I miss read the signs and should of listened. Please don't have me lose my son :'(

C: What signs? I said no I can't do this.

I'm sorry but you should have thought about that before you raped me.

F: And I can't lose my son! And we touched each other.

Do you realise how f**ked up my life is I hardly go a day where I smile.

C: Excuse f%%king me!!!!!!!!! You was touching me and I kept saying no u pushed my head down don't even f%%king dare blame me.

You've just made in 10x worse! Thank you

F: Just please don't have me lose my son, I'm begging you.

C: I can't even speak to you, I just need to be alone.

F: Ok, sorry for everything

C: If you drop a glass and it smashes can you say sorry to it and it fixes bach together again.

F: No you can't

C: No so you can't do that with me either

I need to think about what I'm going to do so I'm off.

F: Ok, just want too say without trying to use this as a guilt trip on you. If our friendship is over then that's my f%%k up, will tell [boy's name]'s mum what I did without putting you in harm, if she kicks me out, that's my f%%k up. But I just can't lose my son, he's my everything and I need him so much.

C: Goodbye

Either way you'll lose him tbh if you tell her she won't let you see him