Shocking new video offers first public look at the Keith Scott shooting
Keith Scott lies on the ground after being shot by police (Screen cap via NBC News).

NBC has obtained a new video of the Keith Scott police shooting that was recorded by his wife.

In the video, Scott's wife Rakeyia can be heard shouting at police that her husband is unarmed and that they should not shoot him.

As Scott is surrounded by police officers, his wife explains that he had just "taken his medicine" and she says he will not do anything to harm them. She also explains that her husband has a TBI (traumatic brain injury), but is no danger to any police officers.

She then encourages her husband to step out of the car. Shortly after this, we hear several shots fired, at which point his wife runs over to see her husband lying on the ground.

"He better not be f*cking dead, he better not be f*cking dead," she yells at them. "He better live, he better live!"

NBC says that it obtained the footage "amid conflicting reports about whether a gun was found at the scene of the shooting." Scott's family insists that he was unarmed.

Earlier this week, Scott's family was allowed to see police footage of the shooting, and they claimed that it showed Scott was not walking toward police officers when they opened fire on him. The Charlotte Police Department has so far refused to release the video to the public, however.

Watch the whole video for yourself below.