Students celebrate as infamous 'You Deserve Rape' campus preacher arrested for kicking woman
Dean Frederick Saxton, who made a name for himself by telling women they 'deserve' rape (Screen cap).

A controversial campus street preacher who has long told women that they "deserve rape" for wearing yoga pants was arrested this week for kicking a woman in the chest.

Via PatheosTuscon News Now reports that Dean Frederick Saxton, a.k.a. "Brother Dean," was arrested this week for assaulting a University of Arizona student during one of his "sermons." In addition to facing assault charges for kicking the woman, Saxton has been banned from the university's campus for a full year.

The woman who got kicked in the chest by Saxton wrote on Twitter after the incident that it was completely worth getting kicked if it meant she and her fellow students didn't have to deal with his preaching for at least another year.

Other students celebrated the arrest and posted videos of Brother Dean being put into handcuffs on social media: