Trump shows Dr. Oz his 'physical' after all -- a single page from quack personal doc
Donald Trump appears at a taping of the 'Dr. Oz Show' on Wednesday (screen capture)

The complicated saga of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's disclosure of the results of a physical exam he underwent on Friday just got even weirder.

After his campaign announced that Trump would not be revealing his medical results to Dr. Mehmet Oz in a taped interview on Wednesday, CNN said the candidate did produce what he said where the results, but which amounted to a single page summary from his personal physician Dr. Harold N. Bornstein. Bornstein was the author of Trump's risible "health report" letter from December of 2015, in which the gastroenterologist claimed that Trump would be the healthiest president in the history of the Republic if elected.

After sending out surrogates Tuesday and Wednesday to defend Trump's "right to privacy" and to say that he never planned to talk to Dr. Oz about the physical results, Trump produced the one-page summary at Wednesday's taping session.

CNN Money said that the Republican nominee "talked with Oz about his physical activity, dietary habits, and broader health-related issues."

Bornstein made a number of remarkable and wildly unprofessional claims in his 2015 letter on behalf of Trump. When pressed in a spaced-out seeming interview why he'd made such outlandish claims about Trump's health, Bornstein -- with the aide of his wife -- asserted that this was just his "sense of humor."

"[Trump] needed this letter and we got his letter," said Mrs. Bornstein. "My

husband does have a sense of humor and so the 'astonishing' word can sound

however you interpret it. Dr. Bornstein wrote that, with his long hair and

his earrings."

The doctor -- who has been sued by the families of dead patients who said Bornstein recklessly "overmedicated" their loved ones -- said that he wrote Trump's typo-laden health certification letter in five minutes while the former reality TV star's limousine waited outside.