Unhinged woman yells racial slurs and spits on black cop because she's still angry Obama got elected
63-year-old Angela Fiume, who spat on a black transit officer because she is still upset at Obama's election.

A Nashville woman has been charged with assault and disorderly conduct after she shouted racial slurs at a black transit officer and spat on him.

The Nashville Patch reports that 63-year-old Angela Fiume went on racially charged tirade against a black transit officer at the Riverfront Greyhound bus station in Nashville.

Fiume told the officer that she wasn't about to "let a black man tell her what to do," the Nashville Patch notes. Fiume also expressed anger that Barack Obama had been elected president, despite the fact that his election happened nearly eight years ago.

This isn't Fiume's first run-in with Nashville transit police, either, as she had apparently been banned from entering the station at an earlier date.