WATCH: George Zimmerman smolders with rage in courtroom rant against ‘terrorist’ Black Lives Matter
George Zimmerman during a trial (Screen capture)

Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman is in court again today to testify against Matthew Apperson, who was allegedly engaged in a road rage incident where he shot at Zimmerman in 2015. Apperson is charged with attempted second-degree murder.

Zimmerman asserted he doesn't believe Black Lives Matter to be a movement and referred to protesters as “terrorist cowards.”

According to WESH, Zimmerman was being questioned if he provoked Apperson to shoot at him.

“I never associated Mr. Apperson with the Black Lives Matter terrorist group,” Zimmerman testified.

According to police reports, Apperson had a fixation on Zimmerman and shot at his truck as he was driving to Lake Mary. Zimmerman said that Apperson was yelling at him and the shot left a bullet hole in his window.

Zimmerman has blasted BLM in the past, specifically, when he sold the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin for $250,000. Zimmerman has admitted his life after the trial has been difficult and tweeted earlier this month that he was broke.

Check out the video below: