WATCH: Minnesota police chief shames Fox News after they try goading him to bash Somali immigrants
St. Cloud, Minn. Police Chief William Blair Anderson (Screen cap)

Fox News tried to get St. Cloud Police Chief William Blair Anderson to attack Somali immigrants in his community -- and he sternly refused to take the bait.

Via Media Matters, Anderson did an interview with Fox & Friends this morning about the mass stabbing that took place at a shopping mall in his Minnesota town.

The program played Anderson a clip of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump attacking Muslim immigrants for not informing law enforcement authorities when members of their communities become radicalized. Co-host Steve Doocy then asked Anderson to say whether he shared Trump's "concern" about the 6,000 Somali refugees living in his hometown.

Anderson shot them down immediately.

"I can tell you that the vast majority of all of our citizens, no matter their ethnicity, are fine, hard-working people, and now is not the time for us to be divisive," he said. "We already have a very cohesive community, and I expect that this will draw us even closer together. But at the end of the day, our job is public safety, period."

Anderson then went on to say that developing relationships with Somalis in his community was vital to rooting out potential extremists.

"We actually work very well not just with our East African community, but all of our community," he said. "We meet regularly with any number of people, whether they are advocates for a specific ethnicity or different cause. It's one of things that makes St. Cloud a wonderful place to live, and I know that might sound corny, but it's the truth. We have established and maintained a very good rapport with our East African community and our community at large."

Check out the whole video below.