WATCH: School bus and FedEx truck nearly collide in shocking road rage video
New Jersey motorist Stephen O'Connor filmed a school bus and FedEx truck skirmishing on Wednesday (Screen capture)

A driver in Lakewood, NJ recorded a shocking run-in between the drivers of a public school bus and a Federal Express delivery truck.

WISH Channel 8 reported Friday that driver of the bus -- which was not transporting students at the time -- and the FedEx truck driver were in an apparent road rage dispute when the near-collision took place.

“I originally seen it back there about a mile when the bus made several attempts to put his wheels over that line -- he was looking like he had to go somewhere in a hurry,” said motorist Stephen O'Connor, who filmed the video on his cell phone.

In the video, the school bus can be seen attempting to illegally pass the FedEx truck by driving in the opposite lane. The truck then nearly clips the bus as it cuts the driver off.

“Both vehicles were on the other side the road and it was second or two after they got on right side there was another car came the other way,” O'Connor said.

Police are investigating the incident, but thus far, no charges have been filed against either driver. reported Friday that a source with the company that owns the school bus said that the driver has been fired.

Watch O'Connor's video, embedded below:

Watch a news report about the incident from WISH-TV: