WATCH: Screaming white mom grabs black teen and slaps him across the face after school brawl
Mother Heather Lynn Sebra slaps black high school student John Thomas (Screen cap).

A white mother of a high school student is facing assault charges after she grabbed a black student by the shirt and slapped him across his face.

Via BET, mother Heather Lynn Sebra decided to intervene when her son got into a fight with John Thomas, a black student who is her son's teammate on the Northumberland High School football team in Virginia.

Instead of breaking up the fight and cooling things down, however, Sebra grabbed Thomas's shirt and slapped him across the face. She also seemed to think that Thomas had called her son a racial slur that's typically used against black people.

"You’re not gonna call my son a n*gger, you understand me?" she shouted at him.

Thomas insists that he never called her son that and asks her "Why would I call him a n*gger?" just after she slaps him.

Sebra was formally charged with assault this week and a protective order was served against her by the Northumberland Sheriff's Office.

Thomas's mother, Nicole Thomas, was outraged that a grown woman would attack her teenage son instead of trying to stop the fight.

“How dare you?” she said. “For this woman to restrain my son by holding him by the shirt and then sticking her finger in his face after slapping him.”

Check out a local news report of the incident below.