WATCH: Stephen Colbert gives 'sarcasm-fearing' Kim Jong-un a brutal lesson in how it's done
Kim Jong-un, Stephen Colbert -- (CBS screen grab)

Taking a break for mocking potential despot Donald Trump, Late Night host Stephen Colbert turned his focus on North Korean President for Life Kim Jong-un, mocking him for his ban on "sarcasm" in his country -- by giving a master class in how sarcasm is done.

As the late night host pointed out, "Little Kim" might have a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the U.S., warning, "Suddenly an unhinged strong man with a ridiculous haircut and nuclear arms isn't so funny anymore since, after November, we might have one of our own."

Noting that Kim has also banned sarcasm, saying the North Korean leader fears people only agree with him "ironically," Colbert then gave an eye-rolling sarcastic response to all of Kim's "great ideas," -- like blowing up a nuclear weapon under his own people.

"Setting off a bomb under your own country? Genius!" Colbert remarked. "And by the way, that haircut? Amazing. Doesn't make you look anything like a gang leader at a women's prison."

Watch the video below via CBS: