After signing racist voter suppression law, NC Gov. Pat McCrory brags voters are 'not coming out'
Pat McCrory appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Republican North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory's voter ID law may have been struck down, but he suggested on Sunday that other suppression techniques were working because Democratic voters were "not coming out" to the polls.

Earlier this year, a federal court found that North Carolina Republicans intended to suppress minority voters by requiring a photo ID, banning election day registrations and other regressive restrictions.

McCrory told Fox News on Sunday that Republicans had been successful in suppressing the Democratic vote.

"We're already seeing the Clinton voters not coming out in numbers the Obama voters were coming out four years ago at this point in time," he explained to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo. "I think the turnout will be impacted by this [Hillary Clinton email scandal] because people are just disgusted with the whole thing."

"And I think there is Clinton fatigue," he added. "And, frankly, there was some concern about Mr. Trump too. It's kind of ironic. In the last three weeks, the media keeps going to me, 'Are you still going to support Trump due to the controversy from two weeks ago?' It's going to be interesting if the media turns around and ask my opponent [Roy Cooper], 'Are you still going to support Hillary Clinton?'"

"And are you supporting Trump?" Bartiromo wondered.

"I am," McCrory replied.

Watch the video below from Fox News, broadcast Oct. 30, 2016.