Ammon Bundy's attorney Tased and arrested after Oregon standoff verdict
Ammon Bundy, center - via KGWTV reporter Pat Dooris twitter

After all defendants in the Oregon standoff were found not guilty — Ammon Bundy and his six followers — Bundy's lawyer Marcus Mumford was taken into custody Thursday afternoon, reports.

The defendants were facing charges of conspiracy after taking over the Malheur National Wildlife Center in Oregon earlier this year.

After the jury handed down their verdict, the Bundy brothers Ammon and Ryan were asked by Judge Anna Brown to stay over their involvement in another standoff in Nevada.

Mumford reportedly got into a heated argument in the courtroom, which led to him being tased and arrested. He was allegedly yelling about how his client should go free.

Here's what Shawna Cox, who was also arrested for the takeover of the federal reserve had to say.

According to KGW News reporter Mike Benner, Mumford was released from custody after being placed in a holding cell. The Bundy lawyer is now facing charges.