Anti-BLM protest at university turns violent after white protester accuses black people of having STDs
Protest at SOSU (Screengrab from KXII-TV)

Students at the Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, Oklahoma held a protest against Black Lives Matter on Monday afternoon, according to KXII-TV.

The protest escalated quickly and turned violent after a small group of students led by one man made racist comments about black people.

Some of the protestors wore t-shirts that read, "Muhammad is in hell" and held signs with the words "BLM Rent a Riot."  According to witnesses, one man said that anyone in support of the Black Lives Matter movement is racist and told a group of students that one in three black people has an STD and that they are going to hell. Students then started pushing and shoving, and was de-escalated by police, who escorted the protestors off the campus. Watch the full report below.