Carl Bernstein fears Trump TV will serve as nexus of 'a real neo-fascist movement and media empire'
Carl Bernstein (CNN)

A lot of Americans are wondering what Donald Trump's most fervent supporters will do if he loses his presidential race -- but it's becoming increasingly clear that the GOP presidential nominee is cultivating them as an audience for Trump TV.

It's easy to imagine what Trump TV might look like: Deplorable hosts pushing white grievance like Fox News, but with wilder, Alex Jones-style conspiracy theories, a Putin-approved message like RT, and scantily clad women wandering around like a Mexican talk show.

That could set up Trump to preside over a genuine neo-fascist movement in the United States, warned journalist Carl Bernstein.

"I think the most interesting thing going on right now is Trump saying that he may not go along with the results of this election," Bernstein said. "What does it really mean? It means, I think, he is setting himself up -- again, I'm going to go back to that neo-fascist term -- of a real neo-fascist movement and media empire."

Trump will have little to lose after tarnishing his brand with a toxic campaign, Bernstein said, and will likely turn to campaign CEO Steve Bannon -- the former chairman of Breitbart News -- to set up an alt-right competitor to the conservative Fox News.

"His businesses are going into the tank as a result of where he has come out in this election, and there's talks going on -- I think we know about that -- about a media empire," Bernstein said. "(Are) there going to be remnants of a neo-fascist movement that he leads in this country after this election?"

"It's a dangerous thing," Bernstein added. "We're in a dangerous place."