CNN reporter: Trump's 'rigged election' talk will only elect him head of 'the white grievance party'
CNN political correspondent Nia-Malika Henderson on Trump's 'voter fraud' rhetoric (Screen capture)

CNN political correspondent Nia-Malika Henderson said on Thursday that Donald Trump's constant talk of voter fraud in the "inner cities" is coded racist language.

The ongoing talk of a "rigged" election and calls for his supporters to monitor polling places, Henderson said, make Trump "the chairman of the white grievance party."

When conservatives freak out about voter fraud -- a passingly rare problem that has never been a major factor in a U.S. election -- Henderson said they portray it as something that happens in cities, perpetrated by Democrats and black voters.

When Trump "goes to these audiences that are overwhelmingly white, he tells these audiences that they need to check the polling places in other places, not in their own precincts but in other places," Henderson said.

That is a "dangerous line of rhetoric," she said, "but it is in keeping with the way Donald Trump has run this campaign. It's a very 'us versus them' campaign, all about white grievance politics. And how he's sort of the chairman of the white grievance party in some ways."

Trump is setting himself up to be the "ultimate victim," she said, with his whining and carping about the unfairness of it all.

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