Desperate pro-Trump white nationalist spams Utah voters with calls about Evan McMullin being gay
Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin (Screen cap).

Independent conservative presidential candidate Evan McMullin is causing Donald Trump some real headaches in the normally deep red state of Utah -- and one of Trump's allies has taken drastic action to stop him.

The Daily Beast reports that pro-Trump white nationalist William Johnson has recorded a robo-call that's being delivered to voters in Utah that explains why they should forsake McMullin and stay on the Trump Train.

"Hello, My name is William Johnson," the call begins. "I am a farmer and a white nationalist. I make this call against Evan McMullin and in support of Donald Trump."

Right off the bat, Johnson errs in identifying himself as a "white nationalist," as white nationalist support for Trump is one thing that has turned many Mormons off to his candidacy in the first place.

Johnson then brings out the big guns and tells the voters the real reason they should stay away from supporting McMullin: Because he's gay and has lots of gay people in his life.

"Evan has two mommies," Johnson explains. "His mother is a lesbian, married to another woman. Evan is okay with that. Indeed Evan supports the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage. Evan is over 40 years old and is not married and doesn’t even have a girlfriend. I believe Evan is a closet homosexual."

It should be noted that there is no evidence to show that Evan McMullin is actually gay.

Listen to the whole call yourself below.