Here are the 9 hilarious political Saturday Night Live moments ahead of the 2016 SNL premier
Tina Fey, Kate McKinnon, Amy Poehler on SNL - (SNL screengrab)

NBC is heavily promoting tonight's Saturday Night Live premiere. This time around, actor Alic Baldwin will don the Donald wig and eyebrows and become the self-described billionaire Republican candidate for president. SNL castmember Kate McKinnon will reprise her Emmy award-winning role as Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as well.

In preparation for the big night, here are 9 of the silly political examples of SNL genius:

Chevy Chase as President Ford:

The epic Sarah Palin interview:

Al Gore vs. George W. Bush debate:

Dana Carvey as Ross Perot "Can I finish?":

Ben Carson's strange squirrel hands:

2008 Hillary Clinton meets 2016 Hillary Clinton and a strange Sarah Palin:

Bern Your Enthusiasm:

Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump:

The Rock Obama: