An appallingly tasteless high school football banner has kicked off a raging controversy in one Ohio school district.

According to, two rural high schools east of Cincinnati were set on Friday to play out a years-long football rivalry. The Greenfield-McClain Tigers were set to play the Hillsboro Indians, but the cheerleading squad from Greenfield-McClain went too far when they named the football matchup "Trail of Tears Part 2."

They also made a banner that said, "Hey, Indians, get ready for a trail of tears!"

The Trail of Tears in the early to mid 1800s was the forced relocation of Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Seminole and Choctaw Native Americans from their native territories to camps in the barren, rocky west. Thousand of Native Americans died along the way and the survivors were left to struggle and starve in the unfamiliar western terrain.

On Twitter, user Rachel Onusko called attention to the offensive banner.

Greenfield-McClain High School has issued an apology in the wake of the incident in a statement on its Facebook page, but it was later deleted.