'Just another adventure!’: Wisconsin snowbirds defy Hurricane Matthew warnings to stay at the beach

A Category 4 hurricane is not something to treat lightly, especially if you live on the coast of Florida.

That said, it seems not everyone understands the dangers of staying in place while a storm with winds of up to 140 miles per hour barrels toward you.

The Weather Channel on Thursday caught up with Milton and Annette Voss, a couple from Wisconsin with a home in Juno Beach, Fla. Instead of following orders to evacuate the area, the couple said they plan to stay right where they are -- and they even suggested sitting through the storm would be fun.

"It's just another adventure!" Milton exclaimed. "It's like a blizzard in Wisconsin -- hunker down for three days!"

The Weather Channel reporter then asked them what they've done to prepare for the storm.

"Everything!" Annette replied. "Water, a little sandbagging. Our windows face the west, so we're excited about it, but we wish we could see out once we're shuttered in."

Check out the full clip below.