Kasich drops the hammer on Trump: Rigged election talk is like 'saying we never landed on the moon'
John Kasich discusses 'voter fraud' on CBS This Morning (Screen cap).

Donald Trump isn't giving up on his claim that this election is being "rigged" against him -- and Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich isn't letting him get away with it.

Appearing on CBS This Morning, Kasich dismissed the notion that Trump would lose Ohio due to "voter fraud" as an outlandish conspiracy theory not worthy of seriously addressing.

"Look, to say that elections are rigged, and that all these votes are stolen, that's like saying we never landed on the moon," the Ohio governor said. "That's how silly it is... I don't think that's good for our country and our democracy, and I don't believe we have any massive fraud."

Kasich said that Trump's claims of a "rigged" election were worrisome because they could undermine a significant number of people's faith in our democratic process.

"The problem is, it does create doubt in people's minds," he explained. "And I worry about 25% of Americans who may say, after an election is over, 'It was stolen.' That is a big, fat joke."

Kasich then reiterated that he would not vote for either Trump or Clinton in this year's November election.

Check out the full clip below.