Kellyanne Conway goes ballistic after Jake Tapper says 'anti-Semites and racists' back Trump
Jake Tapper speaks to Kellyanne Conway (CNN/screen grab)

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway lashed out at CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday for asking questions about how Donald Trump has attracted supporters who were racists, misogynists, xenophobes and anti-Semites.

At a campaign rally in Phoenix last week, one of Donald Trump supporters was removed from the event after he began chanting "Jew-S-A" at members of the media.

On Sunday, Tapper asked Conway why Donald Trump had refused to say he did not want the votes of that type of supporter.

"There are a lot of anti-Semites and racists and misogynists who support the Trump candidacy," Tapper noted.

"Wow," Conway gasped.

"Would you call that man deplorable?" Tapper wondered.

"Yes, I would," Conway replied. "Wow, I have to push back on some of the adjectives you just used to describe -- I hope you've been to Trump rallies and I hope that you've seen the tens of thousands. I mean, he's had over half a million people easily, I think in excess of that. These are U.S.A.-loving Americans."

Tapper pointed out that he was not condemning all Trump supporters.

"But without question, people who are experts on hate groups say that there has been a comfort level that has been offered to people who are anti-Semitic that has been offered to people who are anti-Semitic and racists and on and on," the CNN host explained. "And these people are comfortable coming out in the open and supporting Mr. Trump."

"Mr. Trump has refused to condemn in a very serious way his racist and anti-Semitic fans," Tapper continued. "He just has. He says things like, "Oh, sure, I disavow, I disavow.' But he has never serious said, 'I don't want the support of those people, they are reprehensible, they have nothing to do with me.' He has never seriously done it."

Conway disagreed: "I think this exchange is frankly the best piece of evidence I have that we're actually going to win in nine days because the idea that we're going to shift away from the pattern of corruption the cloud of ethical stain that Hillary Clinton would bring to the Oval Office in such an important week."

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Oct. 30, 2016.