Kellyanne Conway: Trump didn't attack his sex assault accusers 'he just said he was going to sue them'
Kellyanne Conway - MSNBC screengrab

Appearing on MSNBC Monday afternoon, the campaign manager for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump defended the candidate over comments he made on Saturday when he threatened to sue the women who have accused him of assaulting them.

Speaking in Gettysburg on Saturday, Trump put forth his plans for the first 100 days on his presidency with a series of policy proposals, only to take a odd turn by stating he also plans to sue the "liars" who have come forward since the Access Hollywood tape was released.

Conway stated that Trump does well when he is in front of big crowds talking about the issues, causing host Steve Kornacki to bring up the lawsuit comments that became the big story on Saturday.

"You say you feel he is at his best when he is talking about the issues," Kornacki said. "Yet he gave that speech in Gettysburg when he tried to outline, in his view, what the major priorities for the administration would be and that is not all he talked about. He went out of his way to attack some of the women who stepped forth with accusations of unwanted sexual contact from Donald Trump -- sexual advances and groping in some cases. Is that a mistake to veer off of the strong selling point and start attacking the women who accused them?

The Trump campaign manager didn't skip a beat.

"He didn't attack them," she replied. "He just said he may -- he's going to sue them after the election and then he moved on to his nine or ten point. It really depends on what you and your colleagues want to cover."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: