Longtime Trump supporter switches to Hillary after realizing Trump is '23 cans short of a case'

Ten months ago, Philadelphia resident and former Pennsylvania state senator T. Milton Street attended a Trump rally in Virginia and expressed his enthusiastic support for the candidate.

In fact, Trump even name-checked Street during one of his rallies and called him a "highly respected, great man in Philadelphia."

Now, however, Street tells the Philadelphia Inquirer that he's jumped off the Trump train and has switched to a vehicle that seems much less likely to end up a smoking wreck.

Specifically, Street says he decided against voting for Trump after realizing the candidate is "23 cans short of a full case," and now he's going to vote for Hillary Clinton instead.

That said, Street is really not happy about voting for Clinton, and he tells the Inquirer that he's despondent at the choices available this election.

"I think it's a damn shame that we're in America and the only thing we have to choose from is Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton," Street said. "It's just depressing."