Maryland elementary  school teacher facing discipline after using her students in racist 'joke' photos
Child dressed up as "African American Mexican" -- Instagram

An elementary school teacher in Maryland is facing disciplinary action for using some of her students as props in derogatory and racist photos she posted to her Instagram account, reports Atlanta Black Star.

Kelly Forostiak, who teaches at Deer Park Elementary School in Baltimore County, has been called on the carpet for the pictures. In one of them she calls her students "my little assh*les," and in another she dressed up a young black child in a sombrero and fake mustache, identifying him as "This is an African American Mexican."

In another picture, a small black girl is seen smiling at the camera with a caption below reading, "When all the kids and staff are questioning your lipstick as you flash the 'Bitch, I'm cute AF' face."

The photos were posted to Forostiak's private Instragram page and have since been taken down after they were shared on social media.

When called out on Instagram for using her students -- as well as for her language -- Forostiak dismissed it, writing back: "It is okay they are 11 going on 18 hahaha."

According to The Baltimore Sun, a spokesperson for the school district said Forostiak is facing discipline, but wouldn't go into details because it was a personnel matter.

Pictures can be found at Atlanta Black Star.