‘Morning Joe’ panel agrees Trump looks like he’s given up: Kellyanne and his kids seem to be moving on
Morning Joe (Photo: Screen capture)

The "Morning Joe" team notes that it seems like Donald Trump has given up on his presidential campaign and the Republican Party in the final two weeks of the election season. Perhaps to save his businesses.

In his latest story in the "Weekly Standard," Michael Warren notes that Republicans should be working down the ballot to help salvage Congressional races that are a little too close.

Warren compared the 2016 election with the Clinton-Dole election in 1996, saying, "The republican National Committee and its chairman, future Mississippi governor Haley Barbour, played wait-and-see on the congressional level. The RNC strategy made the best of a bad situation and saved the GOP from a complete blowout."

While Democrats aren’t likely to see a blowout this year simply because gerrymandering makes that impossible, may seats are more competitive than expected.

Warren explained to the panel that the GOP seems to be cutting Trump loose to try and save themselves. "Maybe a more explicit cut could do a lot more good for Republicans in the last two weeks," he began. "I was more attracted reading back through -- there's actually two terrific David Graham pieces we ran in 1996 that was more about the message than necessarily the money. Money matters a lot less now than it did 20 years ago. And the message I think that Haley Barbour and the RNC made was an endorsement of divided government and lesson for Republicans trying to save not just the Senate but some of the House seats and majority could be in danger there is to make -- I would say a more explicit case for divided government or at least a unified Democratic government. Saying that Hillary Clinton, she's going to support and expand Obamacare. She's going to raise your taxes if you vote for Republicans in Congress. We can help stop that."

Unfortunately for the GOP, they can't do it and Trump is still controlling the news cycle. At the same time, Trump seems to have taken his foot off the gas.

"It's basically him and Hillary Clinton and the American people and he's going after the women who accused him of sexual assault," Warren said as an explanation of how he knows Trump has given up. "I thought this is not the action of a guy who is really sort of gunning not even just to win himself but to help the party and really help defeat Hillary Clinton's agenda which is what all of the pro-Trumper says."

Even Kellyanne Conway seems to be distancing herself and Trump's own family is refocusing on the family business. "There was an Instagram post from his daughter that is rebuilding the private brand of Trump showing her with her family, working hard, sort of balancing all that I thought this is not two weeks before a campaign, this is not a group of people who seem to be focused and have their eye on the ball."

To reinforce the message, Donald Trump is spending the morning in Washington, D.C. opening his hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue.

"I don't know if that Donald wants to win or lose any more than he ever has," Joe Scarborough said. "That's just Donald being Donald. It's just even more dramatic two weeks before the world goes to vote that he can't go up to Gettysburg and just talk issues. I don't think that's him saying I don't want to win. That's him being him."

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