Police union boss sorry for ‘joke’ photo of himself arresting a Hillary Clinton impersonator
Medford police pose for a photo where they 'arrest' a Hillary Clinton impersonator.

A police union president in the city of Medford, Mass. has issued a formal apology after he posed for a photo doing a mock "arrest" of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Boston Globe reports that Harold MacGilvray of the Medford Police Patrolmen’s Association posed for a picture that showed him arresting a person in a Hillary Clinton costume -- and that was subsequently posted on Twitter by New Hampshire state Rep. Al Baldasaro, who is an adviser to Donald Trump's campaign.

MacGilvray insisted that the photo was taken entirely in the spirit of fun, and that he wasn't trying to make any kind of political statement about this year's presidential race.

"These were Halloween costumes. It was meant totally as a joke," MacGilvray told the Boston Globe. "I apologize if this offended anyone in any way. I never expected this sort of reaction. It was poor judgment on my part."

The Globe also notes that the photo of Medford police arresting the person in the Clinton costume was posted on the Medford Police Patrolman’s Association’s Facebook page before being removed after an uproar.

As you might expect, Medford is a heavily Democratic city -- according to data from 2008, registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans there by a ratio of around 8 to 1.