Freelance e-sports journalist, Amanda Stevens was kicked off of her United Airlines flight on Wednesday because her clothing made the pilot "uncomfortable," io9 reports.

Stevens said that she was asked first to remove her cap, a Black Panther Marvel Superhero baseball cap, and also had to turn her upside-down American flag t-shirt inside out.

She told io9 that she had worn the same outfit before while traveling and sent a tweet to United Airlines of her t-shirt with the caption "this shirt shouldn't make your pilot uncomfortable enough to warrant having me spoken to and told to take it off."

The t-shirt is an A$AP Rocky design that PacSun used to carry until it was pulled from stores "out of respect for those who have put their lives on the line for our country."

Stevens wrote a series of tweets on Wednesday in which she suggested that the pilot gave her "a smug look when he walked past [her] to the bathroom." She also wrote to United on Twitter that being told to remove her cap was "unreal and f*cking racist."

She added, "The pilot feels "uncomfortable" I didn't know he has to look at me while he flies. I feel uncomfortable having a racist pilot"

Stevens was on a flight from Albany to Chicago to cover the League of Legends quarterfinals. After hours of waiting without updates, she was finally able to board a new flight to Chicago in the early evening on Wednesday.