Shep Smith rages over Trump’s base-pandering ‘borderline unconstitutional’ and ‘fascist’ debate failure
Fox News host Shep Smith -- (Fox screen grab)

Fox News host Shep Smith had little good to say about GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's Monday night debate performance, opening an interview with a Wall Street Journal editor by trashing the candidate for throwing red meat to his base -- and ignoring the voters he needs.

Addressing Trump's threat to initiate a criminal investigation against rival Hillary Clinton if he became president, Smith hammered him for sending the exact wrong message if he wants to bring in new voters.

"Great stuff for your campaign base," Smith began. "The base that's been running against the Clinton's for a long time and frankly have been hating everything about the Clinton's for decades and decades. But thing is, the people who wanted to hear that? The pollsters tell us they're already voting for Donald Trump. And there are no more of them to go get from some undecided pool or a pool of people who aren't doing anything."

"What you need to get if you're Donald Trump, and you want to be president is women in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and Philly," he continued. "And that is not what they want to hear according to the pollsters. According to Trump's campaign, his own people, what they wanted to hear was some contrition and then how to make their lives better with some specifics. Something they can grasp onto and say,'Yes, that is better than Hillary Clinton.'"

"They didn't get that."

Beginning  his interview with Wall Street Journal editor Glenn Hall, Smith summed up his overall impression of Trump's debate performance, stating,  "This attack is what the base has always wanted, and the base got it in spades last night. I mean it might have been borderline unconstitutional and maybe even definitionally fascist."

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