Thanks for all the unhinged memories: Here are 9 of Glenn Beck’s most insane moments
Glenn Beck plays with his marionettes. (Photo: Screen capture)

Now that people are beginning to predict the ultimate downfall of "The Blaze," it might be worth noting that Glenn Beck has done more to help disgrace conservatives than help. Another problem they're having is Beck is getting sued by "clock boy" Ahmed Mohamed's father for libelous statements after his son was arrested. His bizarre conspiracy theories and unhinged antics on Fox News and ultimately on his own videos are absolutely worth a second look.

Check out these 9 videos that will make you laugh and laugh:

1. Soros Puppets:

In 2010, Beck waged his war against liberal funder George Soros. At about the 4-minute mark of the video, Beck goes from his blackboard to a little cardboard-looking marionette stage with even more marionettes hanging from the studio behind him. At the 7-minute mark, Beck walks back to his marionettes, tugging on them and touching them as he speaks.

2. Cheetos face:

Months after Stephen Colbert smeared Cheetos on Jon Stewart's face, Glenn Beck came up with his own version. There's nothing really political here, it's just funny seeing Beck smear Cheetos all over his face.

3. Glenn Beck's epic meltdown after Ted Cruz admits defeat:

“Right now, we have become PETA,” Beck said, talking about his relevance. “Shame on us! Why not just, if you won’t vote for Hillary or you won’t vote for Trump, why not just cover me in a bucket of blood? Why not just shame me in the public square?" Beck doesn't cry, though.

4. This is what it takes to creep out Glenn Beck:

What does it take to freak out a right-wing nutbar? Threats of murdering Donald Trump. When a Trump voter called into Beck's show he threatened to “go after” Donald Trump “personally” if he gets elected president and breaks his promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Watch Beck squirm.

5. Beck finally admits that Sarah Palin was a giant political mistake:

For years of heralding Palin as some sort of divine being sent by Jesus Christ to inspire a nation toward conservative values. At one point he even referred to her as one "hot momma" and Palin herself said that she would consider running for president with Beck. But now Beck has finally admitted the reality: Sarah Palin is nothing more than a clown.

6. That time Glenn Beck said he might have to kill a frog :

Interestingly, there's a great clip from an interview Beck did with Katie Curic in this clip that shows him admitting that he would probably have preferred voting for Hillary Clinton over John McCain.

7. Beck freaks out because there's a "black genocide" coming if Obamacare is passed:

Spoiler alert: There wasn't.

8. Glenn Beck's weird obsession with Gollum in "Lord of the Rings" leads to embarrassing impressions:

This is just weird...

9. Beck cries.

Here's a compilation of all of the times Beck cried.


Not of Beck, but the time Donald Trump crashed Beck doing a Ted Cruz event. And then there are the parodies, one done by Keith Olbermann, Saturday Night Live and, the best, from Jon Stewart.