Tomi Lahren opposes Russia hacking our government officials -- unless they're her political enemies
Tomi Lahren (Screen cap).

Given Donald Trump's collapse in the polls and the definitive loss he suffered in the final presidential debate, The Blaze's Tomi Lahren has had a hard time finding reasons to be cheerful this week.

That's why she spent her latest video gloating over embarrassing revelations found in the assorted WikiLeaks emails swiped from John Podesta's email account. To be sure, Lahren starts out her video by talking about how much she agrees with Sen. Marco Rubio that we shouldn't encourage Russian intelligence services to hack into our own government officials' private communications.

There is an exception to be made, of course: As long as the Russians stick with hacking her enemies in the Democratic Party, she's all for it.

"It's sad that we need hackers and WikiLeaks to expose this crap, because the media won't!" she yells into the camera. "And why is that? Because the media also happens to be made up of Democrats!"

Lahren then restates her position that it's wrong for Russia to try to influence our elections by leaking stolen emails -- but hey, if the information's out there, Republicans might as well use it or else they'll "hand the election" to Hillary.

She then goes off on a tangent about the video that James O'Keefe released earlier this week showing a Democratic operative talking about sending protesters to Trump events in the hope of provoking them to become violent.

"Can you get much lower than inciting violence to win an election?" she asks, without noting that Donald Trump has literally told his supporters to "knock the crap out of" protesters while pledging to pay their legal fees if they got arrested for it.

Check out Lahren's latest angry rant below.