Trump advisers took group of reporters to Vegas strip bar before last debate
A group of men ogles a dancer at a strip club (

A trio of campaign advisers from the Donald Trump campaign reportedly took a group of media personnel to a Las Vegas strip club the night before the third and final presidential debate.

Page reported Saturday evening that senior communications director Jason Miller, deputy communications director Jessica Ditto and spokesperson A. J. Delgado went to Sapphire Las Vegas Gentlemen's Club and took a group of media workers from CNN, NBC and ABC with them.

Sapphire calls itself the largest strip club in the world, boasting over "70,000 square feet of topless entertainment."

Sources told Page Six that the Trump delegation were accompanied by "CNN producer Noah Gray, NBC News reporter Anthony Terrell and a 'camerman' from ABC News."

Given the ever-growing number of women alleging that the Republican presidential nominee touched or kissed them against their will, one media insider said, going to Sapphire "was a pretty bad idea, especially the day before the final debate. It’s a serious lapse in judgment.”

"Reps for NBC, ABC, CNN and the Trump campaign did not comment," wrote Page Six's Emily Smith and Carlos Greer. "Guest dancers scheduled at the club this weekend include porn stars Asa Akira and Britney Amber."

The Trump staffers of course have every right to enjoy themselves however they like in their off hours, even if that means stuffing dollar bills into sex workers' g-strings, but the inclusion of media personnel in the excursion raises ethical questions.

Web commentators were quick to point out the issue.