Trump ally busted for making up story about ‘secret’ Clinton meeting with Florida election officials
Roger Stone (Photo: Screen capture via Politico)

Donald Trump's close advisor Roger Stone is making allegations that are absurd. Not shocking, knowing his track record, but what is surprising is how brazen his claims are.

In a scathing editorial from the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board, the paper cites Stone claiming that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had a secret meeting with Broward County board of elections chair.

"You've got to wonder, why is the Democratic presidential candidate having a closed-door meeting with the supervisor of elections in one of the largest Democratic counties in the state and a county that has had a history of problems with their voting process?" the claim made on InfoWars. "We're going to have photos right here on InfoWars shortly," he promised. "Notice, by the way, that nobody in the traveling press entourage — and no one in the Florida press — has reported this private meeting."

No photos of the event were ever released, probably because the meeting never happened. The claim may have come from someone named Marshall Buffins who also claims to be an attorney.

Earlier in October, a fake tweet prompted an investigation at the Post Office in Ohio. Conservative site The Drudge Report ran with a claim that a man was destroying ballots. "I love working at the post office in Columbus, Ohio and ripping up absentee ballots that vote for Trump," the Twitter user said. The biography reads that the individual lives in California.

The claim about the meeting seems completely impossible given the fact that Hillary Clinton travels in a motorcade with several cars full of reporters following her. Yet at no point did any photos on Twitter surface, much less ones on the right-wing sites. Additionally, none of the reporters that follows Clinton saw this secret meeting occur.

While the editorial board came out with its Fact Check story, the day Stone began telling the story, the Sentinel reported that Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes called the report "a big fat lie."

"If Secretary Clinton or Donald Trump called and said 'I'd like to speak to you about the operation that goes on in Broward County,' I would meet with them," Snipes added. "We run a nonpartisan office. I have not met with Secretary Clinton. I don't know where that [rumor] came from."

That doesn't stop the alt-right and Stone from spreading the fake story, however.