Trump supporter hangs Clinton in effigy at GOP rally: She should be 'incarcerated, at the very least'
Gnger Glover (NBC News)

A Donald Trump supporter hung Hillary Clinton in effigy at a rally in North Carolina for the Republican presidential nominee.

Ginger Glover tied a rope around her "Lyin' Hillary" doll and took it to Trump's rally in Kinston, reported NBC News.

The Trump supporter held the Clinton effigy above the crowd for much of the rally, as the real estate developer and former reality TV star urged black voters to find their "home" in the Republican Party.

Glover said she hung the novelty doll, which says 18 phrases and retails for $24.99, to show that Clinton should be "incarcerated, at the very least."

The toy store owner denied actually wishing death on Clinton, saying, "It's just for effect."

Chants of "lock her up" have been a feature of Trump rallies since this summer, but those cries have been joined by violent imagery.

Trump supporters mounted a model of Clinton's head on a stake at a rally earlier this week in Virginia Beach, and another supporter brought a poster that showed the Democratic nominee's face centered inside a bull's eye.