WATCH: CNBC Trump supporter reduced to yelling ‘BREXIT BREXIT’ in unbelievably insane interview
Evan McMullin and CNBC host Joe Kernan.

In a segment aired this week, CNBC hosts interrogated presidential candidate Evan McMullin for challenging Donald Trump as an Independent.

"If those electoral votes don't go to him, it's that much harder for him to beat Hillary Clinton," the CNBC host told the former Republican.

"He's not going to beat Hillary Clinton unless something truly dramatic and incredible happens," McMullin retorted. He pointed out out that electoral projections show Trump losing badly. "He's an absolutely terrible candidate, he had no chance even against a deeply corrupt and flawed candidate that Hillary Clinton is."

This fairly undeniable sentiment did not go over well with Trump supporter and host Joe Kernen, who just just started yelling Brexit.

"God bless you but ... Brexit! Brexit! brexit!"

"If you want to ignore the polls, that's fine, but they're pretty clear," McMullin replies. "You can deny that all you want like a Trump supporter, but that's the reality."

Watch below

(h/t Crooks and Liars)