WATCH: Fox panel gloats that Hurricane Matthew will make it harder for Dem voters to register
Fox Business host Stuart Varney appears of Fox News (screen grab)

During times of national emergency, conservative pundits focus on what really matters: Gloating about lazy Democratic voters who won't get to register because of a hurricane.

Media Matters notes that while appearing on Stuart Varney's Fox Business program, Tucker Carlson said that Hurricane Matthew would likely damage Democrats' voter registration efforts in the state, especially after Gov. Rick Scott said this week that he wouldn't extend the deadline beyond its current date of October 11 in the wake of the storm.

Carlson then suggested that Democratic voters typically wait longer to register than Republican voters do because they're disorganized and don't have their lives together.

"I mean, look, the conventional view, and I think it's right, is that anything that makes voting more difficult hurts the Democrats because their voters tend to be less committed -- and there may be other factors there too," Carlson said. "It favors people who are organized, who know what they're voting for, who have their lives together. I mean, I guess you could say that favors the Republicans."

Varney agreed with Carlson's assessment, although he made sure to try to sound somewhat empathetic to people who are potentially having their homes destroyed by a massive hurricane.

"My initial reaction is to say that it favors the Republicans," he said. "I hate to be -- I think that sounds almost crass to be making political judgments when the storm is still hitting... but nonetheless, I think that's where its going."

Check out the full clip below.