WATCH: This registered Republican works for Trump -- but says he is voting for Clinton
Jeffrey Wise, a guest room attendant at Donald Trump's Las Vegas hotel (Screen cap).

As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton engage in one last debate in Las Vegas on Wednesday, some voters in the city have already made up their minds to support Hillary Clinton -- namely, workers at Trump's Las Vegas hotel.

CNN has talked with some hotel workers at Trump's hotel and has found that many of them feel that Trump has not treated them with respect as an employer.

"These hands clean the rooms every day for Mr. Trump so he can be rich," Carmen Llarul, a guest room attendant, tells CNN. "He have no respect for us."

"If he's not a good boss, he can't be a good president," said guest room attendant Celia Vargas.

Trump hotel employee Elizabeth Moges, meanwhile, said she was offended by things that Trump said about immigrants during his campaign.

"When I hear Mr. Trump talk about immigrants and building a wall, I feel sad because I am an immigrant myself from Ethiopia," she said.

Guest room attendant Jeffrey Wise, meanwhile, tells CNN that he won't be voting for Trump this year even though he's a registered Republican. What's more, he thinks that Hillary Clinton will do "a better job for our workers" at the hotel.

"You say your employees love you?" Wise asked of Trump rhetorically. "Well, what we'd like to know is, 'Don't you love us back?'"

Watch the full video below.