WATCH: Trump gives Newt Gingrich 'congratulations' for his insane Megyn Kelly interview
Donald Trump y (Screen cap).

Donald Trump was in Washington DC for the ribbon cutting of his new hotel on Wednesday, but he just couldn't help giving a shout-out to surrogate Newt Gingrich for his attack on Fox News star Megyn Kelly while there.

During the event, Trump pointed to Gingrich and gave him "congratulations" for his "amazing interview" with Megyn Kelly on Tuesday night. During that interview, Gingrich angrily lashed out at Kelly and accused her of being "obsessed with sex" after saying that Trump could be a "sexual predator" based on his past words and actions.

Although Gingrich was widely panned for the interview, Trump seemed to think it was terrific work.

Watch the video of Trump praising Gingrich below.