WATCH: Woman angrily confronts landlord accused of refusing to rent to Muslims
William Greda, a New Jersey landlord who is being accused of discriminating against Muslims (Screen cap).

The state of New Jersey has filed a lawsuit against a landlord whom she claims told her that he refused to rent apartments to any Muslims.

As local radio station New Jersey 101.5 reports, landlord William Greda is being sued by New Jersey's Division on Civil Rights after he allegedly told an undercover investigator that he wouldn't rent any apartments to her because she was a Muslim.

Fatma Farghaly, the investigator in question, donned a headscarf and tried to rent an apartment from Greda last winter. After he told her that he wouldn't because of her hijab, she turned on her phone's video camera and confronted him on what he just told her.

"You don't want to rent me an apartment because I'm Muslim, because I have my head covered?" she asked him pointedly.

Once the camera came on, Greda quickly went silent and refused to respond to her.

For his part, Greda is accusing the New Jersey Attorney General Office of being part of a Muslim "conspiracy" to extort businesses. Greda also said that Muslims in general were "extremists" and likely to be members of ISIS, New Jersey 101.5 reports.

Watch the full video of Farghaly's confrontation with Greda below.