'Wish I was the hurricane tearing through all that Miami p*ssy': SNL skewers Trump in 'hot mic' skit
Actor Alec Baldwin appears on Saturday Night Life as Donald Trump Oct. 8, 2016 (Screen capture)

Actor Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live this week to reprise his dead-on imitation of Republican nominee Donald Trump in a sketch that skewered Trump's "hot mic" scandal that erupted on Friday.

The sketch began as a re-enactment of Tuesday night's vice presidential debate between Gov. Tim Kaine (D-VA) and Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN). However, when the topic of Trump's insulting and degrading remarks about women came up, the segment was interrupted by a "Breaking News" bulletin.

Baldwin appeared as Trump to discuss Friday's revelations.

"Are you not entertained?" he asked, mugging for the cameras. He went on to say that he "apple-gizes" to anyone who was offended by the comments.

"Are you trying to say 'apologize?'" asked cast member Cecily Strong playing CNN's Brooke Baldwin.

"No, I would never do that," Trump replied. "What I am doing is apple-gizing to all the people who were offended by my statements. But more importantly, to the people who were turned on by them. I hear it's really 50/50."

As the interview went on, Trump took a different tack than normal.

"I'm tired of talking about me, okay?" he said. "We need to move forward and focus on the serious issues. I'd like to send condolences and prayers to everyone affected by Hurricane Matthew. I love the people of Florida. And I hope that they stay safe. I hope the people in Florida stay safe."

"Wow. That was actually a very nice thing to say, Mr. Trump," replied "Brooke." "Thank you for being here."

"Thank you for having me," he said, before beginning to speak as if he was unaware that his microphone was still on.

"Let me tell you something," he said. "I wish that I was that hurricane, tearing through all that hot Miami pussy. I would just destroy it."

"Mr. Trump, we can still hear you!" the anchor said.

"Really?" said Trump. "Then I apple-gize."

Watch the video, embedded below: