Ana Navarro damns Trump’s voter fraud rant with faint praise: At least he’s not attacking musicals
Ana Navarro (CNN)

Ana Navarro is both alarmed and slightly relieved that Donald Trump is complaining on Twitter about "imaginary" voter fraud instead of picking fights with Broadway actors.

Trump spent last weekend lashing out at the cast of "Hamilton" after audience members booed Mike Pence, the vice president-elect, and Navarro said his "unfounded" claims about millions of illegal votes were ridiculous -- but at least addressed a legitimate issue.

"I guess on one hand you could say this is actually good news," Navarro said Monday morning on CNN's "New Day." "He could have been tweeting against the cast of 'Kinky Boots,' but instead he’s tweeting about something that might have some relevance."

The former Republican strategist said Trump was clearly angered that he had lost the popular vote by 2 million votes and counting, and she said he fears a recount will cost him even more of those votes.

"It gets under his skin, it makes him itch," Navarro said. "And when Donald Trump has an itch, he scratches and scratches and scratches until it bleeds, and it makes all of our ears and eyes bleed. And that's what we are seeing, a man who's irritated that he can't claim to have a mandate because he lost the popular vote, a man who is irritated that Jill Stein is doing this recount and Hillary Clinton had joined up. He is irritated."