‘Be accepting of your family’: Woman shames nearby diners complaining about their ‘awful, gay nephew’
Natalie Elle Elaine (Facebook)

A woman named Natalie Elle Elaine was dining in Texas when she took it upon herself to send an important message to the people seated behind her.

According to a Facebook post, Elaine overheard the people sitting behind her talking about their "awful, gay, nephew, that they need to pray for." So she paid for their meal and left them a message on their receipt.

Elaine wrote, "Happy holidays from the very gay, very liberal table sitting next to you. Jesus made me this way," signed with a heart and the letter "N."

She then wrote, "P.S. Be accepting of your family."

People wrote to her in the comments suggesting with thanks and praise for her actions. One user wrote, "This is love. This is amazing. God bless you."

Another shared a photo in the comments that read, "Make America Kind Again," clearly co-opting President-Elect Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again."

One other user praised Elaine, writing, "You are a beautiful soul! Continue doing great things! You have affected and influenced us all! You are brilliant!"

See the full post below.