Busted: City attorney talks about hanging NAACP president 'by a rope in front of the courthouse'
NAACP President Marja Broussard (KATV/screen grab)

Lafayette city-parish Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux called for multiple resignations this week after a civil service board attorney was caught on tape lamenting that the city could not "hang" local NAACP President Marja Broussard.

At Tuesday's council meeting Boudreaux played audio of civil service board attorney Candice Hattan discussing how to force Broussard to pay attorney's fees after she lost a lawsuit, The Advertiser reported.

Broussard sued the city over the four year college degree requirements for police chief. The NAACP unsuccessfully argued that on-the-job experience should be able to offset the requirement for a degree.

Hattan's discussion with civil service board chairman Jason Boudreaux was picked up by a tape recorder used to record council meetings.

"The next step is we go to court and the judge puts the party under oath and I question her as to what her assets are," Hattan says. "We always want to get personal service of that on the judgment and as well as the notice. It's your best chance. We could ask for a bench warrant if she doesn't show up."

Jason Boudreaux suggests that he wants the NAACP president jailed, but Hattan explains why that's not possible.

"We can't do that," she laughs. "They closed debtors prison down. We cannot hang the poor lady by you know, by a rope in front of the court house for the birds to pick her eye's out."

Broussard called on Jason Boudreaux, Hattan and civil service board Vice Chairman Lt. Guy Lebreton to resign over the remarks.

"We have a public servant getting paid with taxpayer's dollars," Kenneth Boudreaux told the council, according to KATC. "Talking about and referencing hanging someone in front of the courthouse by the neck with a rope until the birds come and eat her eyes out. This is unacceptable."

Jason Boudreaux, however, was defiant, calling the remarks "a joke taken completely out of context."

"I can assure you I'm not resigning," he insisted. "It's not happening. I didn't do anything wrong."

Watch the video report below from KATV.

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